December Favourites


Another month has swiftly passed by. This means another favourite post! I honestly can't believe how much time passes by. It's almost 2014!
I've literally been playing GBA on my iPhone and iPad ever since I discovered it from someone I follow on Instagram! 

 This is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the colour Bad to the Bronze. I've been using this almost everyday as a base for my lid. It a very beautiful neutral bronze colour and it's great for everyday wear.

 I had to include my Naked 3 Palette in this post. I pretty much rave about this palette. If you want to see a more in-depth post of this palette, check out this link :3
 Okay, I think that I've talked about these two MAC lipsticks enough...The one on the left is Rebel and the one on the right is Cyber. These lipsticks are both satin and more of a purple plummy colour. Rebel appeared in my last favourites post. I also posted about Cyber, so if you want to know more go and check it out!
 My mom bought some makeup recently and the worker gave her a bunch of samples including a few of the perfume Daisy by Marc Jacob. I've been drenching myself in this scent and I should really get the full size! It's a sweet florally kind of scent. 
 If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I've talked about this soap countless of times. This is Angel's Delight from LUSH. Unfortunately, it's a limited edition soap, so hopefully they bring this back! It smells like fruit punch and its just beautiful. 
I've been wearing this dress a lot ever since I got it. My mommy got this dress for me unexpectedly. It's a Polka Dot Ponte Sleeveless Skater dress from American Apparel. I love it a lot and I really like the deep cut in the back! Shout out to my mom for buying this for me and for having an awesome taste in fashion! 
This body butter has been hiding in my drawer and I use it right before I sleep. I like to rub this body butter on my legs and arms. It makes my skin feel soft and it has a nice tropical scent to it! 
 Lastly, Snow Fairy. I apologize because the LUSH stuff that I've been posting are limited edition. I bought this shower gel in November and I barely made a dent to this! I like to switch up my soaps everyday. I love love love Snow Fairy!

Song ♡ Beyonce's whole Self-Titled Album (my favourite songs are Blue & Superpower)
Movie ♡ Disney's Frozen
Starbucks Drink ♡ Marble Hot Chocolate
Food ♡ Vietnamese Spring Rolls 

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