100 of My Favourite Things Challenge


Hello dear! I saw this post from  and I thought that I would do this as well :3 Here are 100 things that I love and am grateful for (for the most part) 
 Adventure Time
 My life
 Super Mario Bros.
 Hello Kitty 
 Sonic the Hedgehog
 Hot Chocolate
 My iPhone
 French Fries 
 American Apparel
 A Bed
 Healthy hair
 Sailor moon
 The Legend of Zelda
 My Mom
 Kind people
 Long Summer nights
 My Dad
 my Health
 Living in Canada
 My faith
 My younger brother
 Taro Bubble Tea
 California Rolls
 Chicken Nuggets

 Silent Laughs (the best ones)
 Thigh Highs
 Chicken Nuggets
 My Lola (Grandmother)
 Cute Stationary
 My Lolo (Grandfather)
 Arizona Iced Tea
 A Bedroom
 Frank Ocean
 Justin Bieber 
 Hair accessories
 The Mall
 Boys who smell so good
 Ombre Hair
 Ear muffs
 Princess Bubblegum
 Cute couples
 Fuzzy Socks
 My iHome Mac
 Gel pens
 Naked 3 Palette
 The Sense of Fashion
 Cute Disney Movies 
 Lana DelRey
 Peppermint Patties
 Marceline the Vampire Queen
 Powerpuff Girls
 Reese Peanut Butter Cups
 Kawaii Things
 Lifestyle Bloggers
 My Best Friend since Kindergarten (you know who you are ;) )

I apologize that this post is pretty short and maybe boring to you, but I've been having a busy day so far! 

Tell me a few things that you love and are grateful for! xo

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