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Hi lovelies :3 I've been so busy studying for exams, but I will still take the time to blog throughout the week. Anyways, I thought that I would show you some of the apps that I have on my iPhone. I wanted to share this because I like the way my home page is set up. 

I used this app called CocoPPa. It allows you to create app shortcuts that have cute icon designs. I used this app awhile back, but then I got tired of it . I recently re-downloaded it because I think that it makes my home screen cute :3 

Although it looks cute, it is a long process creating app shortcuts. It took me over an hour to make shortcuts for all these apps. Another thing is that these are just shortcuts for apps that you already have on your phone. So therefore, you have to keep the original app in order for your shortcuts to work. 

A lot of people ask me what apps I use to edit my pictures, so here you go! 

 Phonto to add text to my pictures
PicFrame to make collages 
Squaready to make my picture into a square 
PicsArt for editing 
Photo Reflection to make my pictures reflect
VSCO Cam for nice filters 
Papelook to make collages with a magazine cut-out look 
Photowonder to edit pictures. 

One app that I use the most and is not in the pictures is "After Light". After Light is my favourite app to edit pictures because there are many filters to choose from and you can easily edit pictures. 

Those are most of the apps I have on my iPhone! I'll try to blog a little more later this week.

ps. If you have an iPhone or any Apple device, what is your opinion of iOS 7? I personally like the design, but a lot of my friends dislike it. 

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