November Favourites


November is sadly coming to an end, and December is finally approaching! I will be telling you all the things that I have been loving this month.

I've been using this mascara everyday. This is the Cover Girl Clump Crusher by Lashblast. I love it so much because it gives your lashes volume without making it look spidery.  

OH. MY. GLOB. This is the best drugstore bronzer ever. Apparently it's a dupe for Benefit's Hoola bronzer! I like this bronzer a lot because it is very natural and it is matte. I dislike bronzers that have shimmer in it, but this one doesn't.

I've been watching a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube rave about this MAC lipstick in Rebel. It is perfect for the fall and winter time because of the dark colour. I put this on my lips at least once a week because I really love the colour. 

Sweetie Pie from LUSH is all that I have been using to lather up. It is very unique compared to all my soaps and shower gels. Sweetie Pie has the consistency of jello. A lot of employees suggest that you freeze shower jellies in your freezer. When you hop in the shower and scrub your body, the frozen jelly feels nice because of its coolness. 

Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works is my favourite candle this month. Just imagine that you are cuddling and roasting marshmallows with a guy who smells divine. That is what I think Marshmallow Fireside smells like. It has a very musky cologne scent with a hint of sweetness. If you ever stop by Bath & Body Works, go and smell this candle!

My favourite clothing items are thigh highs and this circle skirt from American Apparel. Whenever I wear a skirt, I always wear my thigh highs instead of tights. And speaking of skirts, I literally wear this skirt all the time. I really want to buy more circle skirts so that I can add them to my collection.

Movie ♡ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Starbucks Drink ♡ Peppermint Mocha 
Food ♡ Cheesecake 

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What's On My iPhone


Hi lovelies :3 I've been so busy studying for exams, but I will still take the time to blog throughout the week. Anyways, I thought that I would show you some of the apps that I have on my iPhone. I wanted to share this because I like the way my home page is set up. 

I used this app called CocoPPa. It allows you to create app shortcuts that have cute icon designs. I used this app awhile back, but then I got tired of it . I recently re-downloaded it because I think that it makes my home screen cute :3 

Although it looks cute, it is a long process creating app shortcuts. It took me over an hour to make shortcuts for all these apps. Another thing is that these are just shortcuts for apps that you already have on your phone. So therefore, you have to keep the original app in order for your shortcuts to work. 

A lot of people ask me what apps I use to edit my pictures, so here you go! 

 Phonto to add text to my pictures
PicFrame to make collages 
Squaready to make my picture into a square 
PicsArt for editing 
Photo Reflection to make my pictures reflect
VSCO Cam for nice filters 
Papelook to make collages with a magazine cut-out look 
Photowonder to edit pictures. 

One app that I use the most and is not in the pictures is "After Light". After Light is my favourite app to edit pictures because there are many filters to choose from and you can easily edit pictures. 

Those are most of the apps I have on my iPhone! I'll try to blog a little more later this week.

ps. If you have an iPhone or any Apple device, what is your opinion of iOS 7? I personally like the design, but a lot of my friends dislike it. 

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My Christmas Wishlist Under $30


It's just a little over a month until Christmas! My friends and I are doing secret santa and our budget is under $30, so I thought that I would make a post about something I would like that is under $30! By that way, this is in no special order whatsoever.

Christmas wishlist under $30

1. Real Techniques Brushes
2. LUSH Angel's Delight
3. Fujifilm Instax Film
4. Benefit They're Real Mascara
5. Bath and Body Works Candles
6. Forever 21 "RAD" Makeup bag
7. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet
8. LUSH Snow Fairy Box (or anything from LUSH)
9. MAC Cyber
10. Anything from Brandy Melville

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Tips to Help You Study


I have midterms coming up, so I thought that I would give you some tips that I use when I study.

♥ Plan a study schedule 
Set a certain time in your schedule for studying. When you plan out when you are going to study, it makes you feel less rushed and you wouldn't have to cram a whole study session the night before the test. Try to study a week before the test instead of last-minute studying to reduce stress. 

♥ Take breaks during your study session  
Make sure that you give yourself a break from reviewing. Drink some water, have a snack, stretch, walk around, but make sure that whatever you do is around 5-10 minutes. Giving yourself a quick break helps your brain relax and remember the information that you fed your brain.

♥ Make notes 
Don't make notes that look like essays. Make notes that are easy for you to read and understand. Adding visuals like pictures can help you better understand the content instead of plain words. Highlight key words in your notes to help you remember. You can even colour code your notes to visually show that certain things are relevant to each other. 

♥ Ask for help 
If you are unsure of something, ask your teacher or a peer to help you understand. Don't be afraid to talk to a teacher if you don't understand. They are there to teach and help you; it's their job!

♥ Relax 
Aside from studying, set some time for yourself. Do something that helps you relax like yoga, or pamper yourself. The way that I relax is by going shopping or taking a nice warm bubble bath. It is important that you keep calm when your tests are reeling in.

♥ Eat well and keep hydrated 
Whenever you feel like snacking on something, keep away from junk food and eat something that is nutritional such as fruits, nuts, fish, and the list just goes on and on. On the exam day, make sure that you have a healthy meal, especially a good breakfast. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Lastly, don't forget to hydrate! Drinking plenty of water helps your brain to function at its best.

Good luck for your next test/quiz/exam!
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Adventure Time X BlackMilk Clothing


As you all may know (or not), I'm obsessed with the show Adventure Time. Recently, BlackMilk Clothing just came out with their Adventure Time collection. All I can really say is that I want everything in the collection. The sad thing is that I'm not allowed to purchase anything online.

Here are a few of my favourites within the Adventure Time collection.

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OOTD: Sweater Weather Sunday


Happy Sunday to all you lovely people :) How is your weekend so far? I have a long weekend because it's Remembrance Day tomorrow. Anyways, I like the way my outfit looks today. Oh, and credits to my brother for taking pictures for me! 

Jumper: H&M
Anorak: Aritzia
Skirt: Urban Planet

Over-the-Knee Socks: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Brandy Melville
Midi Ring: H&M
Heart Ring: Hand-me-down  

Being the Starbucks addict that I am, I couldn't resist not stopping by Starbucks. Plus, it was really cold out so I definitely needed something to warm myself up. I'm glad that the Holiday drinks are back at Starbucks! My favourite seasonal drinks are Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Brûlé Latte. The drink that I bought today is Caramel Brûlé Latte. I give it a good 4/5, 4 because it's slightly bitter to me, but other than that, I like the drink.  I have yet to try the Gingerbread Latte and the Eggnog Latte from the seasonal drinks collection from Starbucks.

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